Vegetable Drinks

Spelt Drink

Contains the high quality roasted spelt – a kind of noncultivated wheat. Thanks to the thermal treatment by roasting the spelt is an ideal cofee substitution. Moreover, it contains fibre.

Buckwheat Drink

Contains specially treated buckwheat flour, drink is naturally gluten-free as well as lactose-free. The drink is enriched with inulin – ideal ingredient for the intestines comfort. Highly biologically valuable alternative of animal milk.

Soya Drink Natural

Purely natural soya product without calcium or lecithin addition. Suitable instead of cow milk or as a cofee creamer. Suitable for people sufering from milk protein allergies.

Soya Drink Extra Protein

Offers a rich source of vegetable (soya) protein. Soya Drink Extra Protein is enriched with vitamins premix, a source of vitamins (A, B1, B3, B6, B12, C) and minerals (Ca,P). Soya Drink Extra Protein is a delicous drink, but can be used as soups and souces thickening as well.

Rice Drink

Vegetable product containing specially treated rice flour. Thanks to its composition it is naturally gluten-free, lactose-free and contains high quality vegetable proteins as well as carbohydrates. Rice flour has a high quality nutritional values – drink is therefore a suitable alternative to animal milk. Rice drink contains also inulin.

Oat Drink

Is characterized by specific and unique flavour thanks to the specially thermal treated oatmeal. Oat drink is enriched with calcium and phosphorus which have a positive effect on our body in the field of digestive enzymes.

Coconut Drink

Suitbale to drink instead of cow milk, naturally gluten-free product that does not contain milk protein. Suitable for people suffering from cow milk allergies.

Matcha with Coconut Drink

Delicious drink with coconut and matcha tea flavour.
Matcha is a pure green tea unique for its growing. Thanks to a combination of coconut drink and matcha tea we have created a unique drink with a rich coconut taste and smell of green tea. Drink is free from lactose, gluten and casein, suitable for Vegans. Does not include hydrogenated fats. Great for drinks, smoothies or warm/cold meals preparation.